Executive Education

Zulqarnain Group brings industry leading knowledge to your doorstop. We customize programs to cater to your needs.

Management Consulting

Cookie cutter solutions are no longer viable for businesses. Zulqarnain Group is ushering in the next generation of strategy development.

ZG Experience

Creative insights are the cornerstone to innovative solutions. Zulqarnain Group develops studies so that you don’t have to.

What We Do

Management Consulting

Experience. Talent. Sophistication. Integrity. These qualities make Zulqarnain Group the premier consulting firm. We’ve built an outstanding reputation through hard work, exceptional business acumen and personalized client attention, yielding a long history of superior results.

Executive Education

We engage you as a business leader, helping you navigate the rapid change in today’s marketplace. You gain knowledge that drives action and has immediate, practical value for your business and career.

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ZG Experience

ZG Experience is a digital thought-leadership resource for today’s business leaders that delivers progressive and innovative research, analysis, insights, and commentary on business and management issues.

ZG Experience serves as a thought-leadership platform for Zulqarnain Group.

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Changing the way you do business

Why Choose Us?


Zulqarnain Group has rich experience in an array of industries. We can help your business take advantage of our insights and stay ahead of the competition.


Zulqarnain Group is dedicated to the success and growth of every client. Our team is willing and capable of forming unique and customized strategies to serve each client best.


Zulqarnain Group has been built on a foundation of integrity. We find that success is best earned through honesty and moral uprightness.

What Our Clients Say

We consider Zulqarnain Group an important strategic partner of ours. Having worked on a number of large business critical projects together, the Zulqarnain Group team has proven to be innovative, professional and extremely thorough.

Dan Johanis
CEO, Herbal Infusions Inc.

Quote of the week

Knowledge exists potentially in the human soul like the seed in the soil; by learning the potential becomes actual.

Abu Hamid al-Ghazali - 12th Century Mystic